Roaming Ai

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Roaming Ai

Post by DoofyDave on Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:28 am

so I just did the car robbery mission, while attacking the ai a random fuel truck with ai passed my scope. after i finished the mission and started looting i hear a very quiet truck sound. Turns out its the ai coming back and 2 jump out of the truck and 3 attack from the flank. Made me shit my pants.... and i loved it! Ive had this happen a few times randomly on the road. I lvoe it so much because it keeps you from playing half asleep and thinking you can just randomly roam and loot. GREAT JOB PAPA Very Happy


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Re: Roaming Ai

Post by ExileGlory on Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:10 am

Awesome!This is the kind of stuff I want with the roaming AI and AI vehicle patrols.


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Re: Roaming Ai

Post by Papahyooie on Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:36 am

Sweet! This has happened to me as well. There was a little while where they would drive around but never stop, but I think that is (once again) scripts hanging due to server load.

Glad you guys like it!

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Re: Roaming Ai

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